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Choosing your investment partner is a pivotal decision. We want to make sure we have your full confidence and that the chemistry is right for both of us. We’re dedicated to getting to know you and understanding your unique needs, concerns, and vision for the future. You talk and we’ll listen, carefully. Take your time. Ask us questions. The more we know and understand each other, the more effective our relationship will be.

Once you are ready to work with us, we’ll begin our financial planning evaluation based on your personal situation, risk tolerance, and aspirations.  We’ll build a customized asset allocation plan and document it with an Investment Policy Statement that’s tailored to achieving your goals. We’ll review the plan with you in detail on a regular basis to ensure clarity and alignment on the vision, discuss your evolving goals, and revise your asset allocation accordingly.

Proven investment strategy that’s forward thinking.

We aim to grow real portfolio value over time, ahead of inflation and taxes. We seek to invest in high-quality stocks at attractive prices for long-term capital appreciation and high-quality bonds for principal preservation, liquidity, and predictable cash flow.  It takes discipline and experience to forego speculative short-term gains in favor of greater long-term returns. Discipline—guided by experience—are the cornerstones of our successful investment strategy. By choosing investments that clients can hold over time, we help build long-term wealth while protecting principal.

Stocks for growth.

We evaluate thousands of companies, but only the 25 that rate our highest level of confidence enter the Compass portfolio. We seek growing companies with strong cash flows and balance sheets that will continue to outpace the market regardless of economic conditions.  By selecting stocks with a diverse product and geographical sales mix, we strive to build portfolios with reduced risk. Digging deeper, we scrutinize each company’s management team, seeking strong, visionary leaders that have demonstrated expertise in leading their businesses through changing landscapes and geopolitical events.

Bonds for preservation and predictability.

We use bonds to preserve wealth and provide stability to your portfolio. Where other firms invest in bond mutual funds or high yield bonds, we simply refuse. We only invest in high-quality bonds with individual maturity dates to provide a predictable income, regardless of market conditions.

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